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To do list

Even years are, at least to me, those lucky ones. For unknown reasons, but checked against many past experiences, there is a shabby compatibility between my success and odd years.

Having said that, here’s my to do list for the coming 364 days:

  1. go out and see 14 theater plays;
  2. watch 14 (hopefully) fine movies;
  3. read 14 books;
  4. meet 14 new people (ideally kind / smart);
  5. make other 14 happy (need to figure out how);
  6. get rid of 14 Facebook ‘friends’;
  7. catch up with 14 old buddies;
  8. write 14 articles (here and/or there);
  9. finish off my professional website (14 days from now);
  10. melt off 14 pounds (that’s about 0.5 kilos per month);
  11. cook 14 never-tried-before dishes (no matter these are deserts, main courses, appetizers or else);
  12. travel 14 days;
  13. have good 14 laughs;
  14. take some courses via Coursera, Iversity,  Stanford, iTunes, and OpenTuition.

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