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On no particular day of my holidays in California, but for a particular reason, I decided to go to Universal City in Los Angeles. And “when I got hungry, I ate” at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

It might not be the most exquisite place in the world, but if I search the Internet for the “most popular shrimp restaurants”, Google ranks it third. The story behind it seems to be nothing but shrimps. “Bubba was from Bayou la Batrie, Alabama, and his mama cooked shrimp”, explains Forrest Gump in the Oscar-awarded movie produced in 1994. “And her mama before her cooked shrimp, and her mama before her mama cooked shrimp, too. Bubba’s family knew everything there was to know about the shrimpin’ business.”

There is no easy access to heaven, so before getting into the place the hostess invites me to put my stomach on hold for about 15 minutes. That might work for you Bubba, but my husband didn’t want to see again how moody I can be when hungry. That’s why he tricked me asking to play Forrest and took pictures with me sitting on the front bench near the “life-is-like-a” box of chocolates.

Sorry Forrest, but when I have to eat, you know, I eat. Once at the table, I clang the “Run Forrest run” plate and ask the waiter for a Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi, a charbroiled cajun spiced Mahi Mahi with Bourbon sauce and grilled shrimp served over mashed potatoes. I don’t know how much is the fish out of the $19,49 I was charged, but I would gladly give up the mashed potatoes for any other side.

My hubbie’s $4,99 Schrimper’s Net Catch with the $12,49 onion rings side is, by far, a better option. I suspect him for watching the movie for over five times, otherwise he couldn’t know exactly what to choose.

It’s now the time for the “Stop Forrest stop” plate noise and the bill. My eyes take a tour of the restaurant, stopping over the “For those who need to haggle we would gladly raise the price so we can give you a discount” poster. Bubba really knows how to negotiate.

On our way out of the restaurant it starts raining. You know, the “little bitty stingin’ rain”. Well Forrest, I know you did it on purpose, but “When I had to go, you know, I went.”

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