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Review. Daily Free Ebooks

My birthday gift last year was a Kindle. There was nothing on it, so I decided to ennoble it by searching and buying books to build up a pocket library. After hundreds of euros spent on junk books, I discovered Daily Free Ebooks.

The best thing about this website is that you can download free Kindle books every single day. There is a wide variety of categories you can pick from as this is a one-stop shop for cook books, mystery, thrillers, non-fiction, parenting or personal development.

Each book comes with a presentation and five-star review system. You can read tens of reviews if you want, but you can download a book anyway since it’s free.

Children’s books are usually the most expensive ones and parents must pay a fortune to make the little one read. Plenty of bedtime stories, tales and picture books are here.

Here’s a selection of my recent downloads and savings:

Guitar Mastery Simplified by Erich Andreas. It teaches you how to play the guitar, it has a text-to-speech option and saves you $8.67.

Photographing Children. Tips, tricks and Ideas by Dan Eitreim. If you’ve ever had any troubles when taking pictures of your kids, you can find some good stuff in this book, from putting the right light on them to choosing the right angle, leaving $8.97 in your pocket.

Light, Bright and Polite: How Businesses and Professionals Can Safely and Effectively Navigate Social Media by Josh Ochs. There are 32 reviews, all five-star. In a bookstore it’s $24.95, but Daily Free Ebooks lets you download it for free.

Junk is there, too, but you no longer need to pay for it.

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