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Coco Popescu, the teen climbing up the world

An average girl would spend time helping in the home, shopping, watching television or sleeping. But Crina Popescu – or Coco as she introduces herself – is anything but an ordinary teen. I visited Coco the day after she had an appendicitis operation. “We were on the Everest, in the base camp (5,400 m). Suddenly, she experienced some serious cramps and had to return,” explains Ovidiu, her father and climbing partner.

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The tears of a brave mother

“He went to school. That’s why he died. If he wouldn’t have studied so many years he’d still be alive, helping me around and raising his children”, says Eudochia Motco, the mother. She is 83 and in about four hours her youngest son, Filaret, is going to be buried.

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Shrimp Forrest, shrimp

On no particular day of my holidays in California, but for a particular reason, I decided to go to Universal City in Los Angeles. And “when I got hungry, I ate” at Bubba Gump Shrimp. It might not be the most exquisite place in the world, but if I search the Internet for the “most popular shrimp restaurants”, Google ranks it third. The story behind it seems to be nothing but shrimps. “Bubba was from Bayou la Batrie, Alabama, and his mama cooked shrimp”, explains Forrest Gump in the Oscar-awarded movie produced in 1994. “And her mama before her cooked shrimp, and her mama before her mama  ...

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Hereafter: just another Eastwood movie

I watched Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter” during an eleven-hour flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles after I read the news about the movie being pulled from the Japanese cinemas. Although considered as inappropriate for Japanby Warner Bros, the tsunami scenes in the beginning are a strong reason for Americans or Europeans to see it. The film unveils the story of a woman, a boy and a man, all being connected by the afterlife. Marie Laley (Cecile de France), a French TV anchor, survived the tsunami wave that hit South Asia in 2005, but the backslashes impact on her career and love relationship.

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Brancusi: ignored by his country, doodled by Google

By celebrating the 135thbirthday of Constantin Brancusi with a doodle made of his seven works, Google has done more for the Romanian-born sculptor than his own country. Back in 1933, when talking about his carvings, Brancusi said: “I’d like to see them in parks and public spaces, with kids playing around … and no one knowing what they are and who made them.”