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Brancusi: ignored by his country, doodled by Google

By celebrating the 135thbirthday of Constantin Brancusi with a doodle made of his seven works, Google has done more for the Romanian-born sculptor than his own country.

Back in 1933, when talking about his carvings, Brancusi said: “I’d like to see them in parks and public spaces, with kids playing around … and no one knowing what they are and who made them.”

Ironically, many Romanians are completely unaware of the seven icons portrayed by Google (Prometheus, Leda, Newborn, the Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, Master Bird and the Kiss) as all of them are housed by museums in the UK, USA (New York and Washington) and France.

Google’s initiative came just two days after the Romanian Ministry of Tourism launched its marketing targets for 2011-2015, announcing that 49% of the communications budget will go online. Sadly, when typing “Brancusi” on the Ministry’s website the search result comes up blank – with no mention of the artist in the Master Plan either.

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